Savior and King of all the Nations: Jesus Christ
He holds our Lives
Some markers of False Prophets
Egyptian Dynasties – Timeline
Pharaoh Sesostris III and the story of Joseph in Egypt.
Egyptian Sculpture – Understanding Representations of Pharaoh’s Attire
The Exodus Narrative and the the Pharaohs of Egypt: When was the Exodus? Who was the likely Pharaoh of the time?
Is Ramesses the Great the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
Ancient Sumerian Culture: The Culture Abraham was called out of.
Excavations at Ur – Part 2: The Ram in a Thicket
Sennacherib, King Hezekiah, and Pharaoh Taharqa
Excavations at Nineveh – Part 1: Assyrian Art, Technology, Trade
Excavations at Nineveh – Part 2: The Assyrian Army
How is one saved?
Bibliology – Part 1: Papyrus and Codex Sinaiticus
Bibliology – Part 2: Jerome’s Vulgate and Erasmus’ Translation
Bibliology – Part 3: John Wycliffe’s Translation
Bibliology – Part 4: William Tyndale’s Translation